Show Some Courtesy: F@$k Your Aerosol Cans Off

At least once a day, someone in my office sprays an aerosol can. This means at least once a day, I have to get up and act like a psycho. It’s not something that I particularly advertise (unless I’m in a ranting mood) but I have asthma. Quite bad asthma as well. Generally I’m categorized as having ‘silent’ asthma because my symptoms are not as easy for others to recognize. That ‘silent’ aspect has gotten me into some serious trouble before in regards to attacks, because my attacks are often mistakenly diagnosed as an anxiety attack. Some people grow out of it as they get older but I got worse. And it’s not smoke that makes me go crazy, for me its aerosol that causes asthma.

I Can Feel It

I can sense an aerosol can being sprayed anywhere on my working floor. And it’s a big floor. It’s almost like I have Spidey senses for aerosol. No matter how secretive someone is, I can feel it. It starts with a feeling that I can only describe as my breath being caught in my throat. That’s usually followed by some coughs. If I don’t immediately reach for my inhaler, it’s followed by a tingling feeling in my bronchial tube that then leads to a tightening sensation. This is then followed by more coughing and the inability to breath in between those coughs. Essentially, I start to choke.

Now, normally I have my puffer on me. It’s in my handbag which sits at my feet. So with this, I should be fine.  But as of late, I’m finding that something as simple as walking to the kitchen or photocopier is putting me at risk of an asthma attack. Those are menial tasks, you wouldn’t think I’d need to carry my inhaler with me 10 meters from my desk. Apparently, I do though.

I’m The Psycho

All because there seems to be an influx of people who just don’t care. They don’t understand that aerosol causes asthma. They spray and I ask them not to. They spray again and I yell at them. They spray again and I speak to floor management. They spray again and I speak to building management. Notices get sent out, and they get ignored. I look like a psycho. The other employees laugh at me behind my back. And then this whole process repeats itself. Such fun.

Educate Yourself

Asthma affects people. It’s not some ‘fake news’. So do all the asthmatics of the world a favor. Stop spraying fucking aerosol cans in enclosed spaces. Just don’t do it.

I can totally understand that you may want to put deodorant on, or you may even like the smell, but you may as well spray a flamethrower at an asthmatic when you do it. If you insist on applying deodorant in an enclosed office, bring roll-on. I know better than most that roll-on sucks, and that aerosol works better, but roll-on is not going to kill someone.

That’s Where This Is Leading To

Aerosol causes asthma in some people, and it could actually kill them. And I’m so fucking sick of looking like a psycho when I try to defend myself against this. I’m not saying don’t use them at all, but think about where you do. Enclosed office or public spaces are not the place. Have some courtesy and stop being a shit person. The world will definitely thank you for it.

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