Update on SLW

Today’s post is just a short one, basically a little update.

When I first started this blog and my business, I was so excited. Had so many big plans and ideas, but if anyone follows this regularly – you probably will have noticed for the last 2 or so months I haven’t been as active on here. After getting off to what I thought was an amazing start with my editing business, and being in a steady routine of publishing blogs every Friday, I felt like I was ready to take over the world (sounds clichéd but I really did). And then my doctors gave me some fairly crazy news. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but basically the big C word got seriously thrown around for a few months (C-word, not C-bomb). While today I can fairly confidently say that I don’t have cancer, it took a while for anyone to be confident in that diagnosis. The last few months of going back and forth with tests really did my head in and pretty much pushed my anxiety to the worst it’s ever been.

But it’s over and done with now! Life is starting to get back to normal. I wanted to publish this quick update, because I didn’t want anyone thinking I was giving up on this. I just physically didn’t have the brain space to devote to anything but the crazy possibilities I thought I was looking at, and I have so much love for what I’m trying to build here that I didn’t want to half-ass anything. So, I basically just left this blog alone.

I’m excited to get back into this though. There are some big things coming up that I’ll be documenting on here. Next year – I’ve got trips locked in to Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Iceland, Germany and Singapore, and (depending on bridesmaid duties) there may even be a sneaky Morocco trip on the cards. There’s a few exciting partnerships on the horizon for those trips, as well. In terms of the remainder of this year, I’m finally going to be getting my Journalism certificates (took my damn time with that haha) and there’s a few trips around South-East Queensland I’m planning (i.e. more of my chasing waterfalls).

So if anyone has been following this, thank you! And I promise the site is about to get a whole lot more exciting 😆

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