The ominous beginning

This blog, this website, whatever you call this – is a new beginning for me.

I’m a writer. I’m not published (anywhere) (ever) and I have a phobia of showing people what I write, but none the less – I am a writer. I call myself one. It makes me happy, it always has. Writing is basically a form of therapy for me. I do it when I’m excited, terrified, sad, depressed, nervous, happy …. you get the gist of it (also my inner 10 year old is giggling at the use of the phrase ‘I do it’).

The last two years of my life have been a little crazy. Not all bad, definitely some good, but it was a roller coaster for sure. And the thought it keeps leading me back to is that I need to do something with my life that makes my heart happy. My current profession is in a call center, for a leading telecommunications company in their complaints department. While it makes my bank account happy, after nearly 5 years of doing it my heart has basically just stopped feeling. It has zombie-fied, for lack of a better phrase, and I know now is the time to try and kick start it. My liver also hates me after those 5 years, but thats another story for another time …

So back to the new beginning thing. That sounds like such a cliche, but success stories are always full of cliches so I’m going to ignore it for now because I’m hoping for success. I’m going to be using this to publish my thoughts, my writing, my whatever. No matter how much it scares me to show people my writing, I will be posting. My goal is to use this as a base for what will eventually become my sole career. Literally every part of my body is crossed now, wishing for this to do well … maybe not literally because that would hurt, but I know that because I’m a writer and writers know words (apparently).

As of next week, I’m also going to be starting a diploma of freelance journalism so I’m hoping I’ll have pieces from that to post here. It’s going to take some time, please don’t expect 10 thousand witty pieces to be posted on here within 24 hours. It stands to reason that this page will look a little bare for a little while. But stuff is coming! I promise! And I can only hope you guys get as much of a thrill out of reading it as I do writing it.

So, in the words of every bad high school graduation speech ever, here’s to chasing that dream!

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