Let Me Work For You!


Are you a new or aspiring blogger struggling with WordPress layouts? A small business perhaps that is just launching their website and struggling with capturing the right emotions with the written content? Or maybe you’re an E-book author, who wrote something just because you could and are now pursuing the idea of getting it published, but want some help with the structure and grammar side of things.
I can help you!
I am an aspiring journalist by trade, and have a background in editing and content writing. I have a passion for words, I love writing! And this here is my attempt to turn my passion into something that I can live off of.
My services fall into the following categories:

– Content Writing

– Article Writing

– Editing/Proofreading

– Resume Writing

– WordPress Blog Assistance
No matter what category you are looking at from the list, my approach is the same. I work with you to first get a picture of the overall product that you are looking for. Throughout the project, I provide regular updates, and once it’s finished I allow for 3 modifications within the original quote. Offering these modification opportunities is, I find, the most important part as it allows us to both collaborate and get you the product that you wanted.
My prices are not set. I prefer to talk to the customer and come to a mutually agreeable price based on your budget and my required outputs.
If you would like any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me!
I’m available through enquiries.slw@outlook.com